Hello, you asked for some pictures once the Bamboo flooring was installed in my house. I have attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Thanks again for the service, s...

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  • Bamboo Floor Care Guide

    Click here for PDF of Bamboo Floor Care Guide

    Bamboo floors are a lifetime investment, and decisions concerning them should not be taken lightly.

    Routine maintenance should include protecting the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear that may cause scratches. This maintenance requires more than sweeping and vacuuming.

    Always clean your wood floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional and/or the manufacturer of your particular hardwood floor product. Not doing so may void any warranty or guarantee on the product. We recommend only BonaKemi (http://www.bonakemi.com/shop/products.asp). 

    Consumer Expectations:

    • Wood floors are NOT impervious to day to day grit, food, spills and water.
    • Preventive maintenance like area rugs, floor protectors (should be placed on ALL furniture feet on your wood floors) and routine maintenance with proper hardwood floor cleaner should always be exercised (improper products can contribute to additional wear, and may VOID your warranty, and cause failure if recoating is necessary)

    Caring for Our Bamboo Flooring Products:

    Do: Place protector pads on ALL furniture legs on the bamboo floor

    Do: Place walk off mats and area rugs in high traffic areas (make sure they stay dry and are cleaned underneath often)

    Do: Perform routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturer. This should include sweeping, vacuuming and/or dust mopping to remove dirt and grit. Keep this as a regularly scheduled event, and stick to it. Always perform this process before and after a major event that involves a high volume of traffic on the floor.

    Do: Keep high heel shoes in good repair and trim your pet's nails on a regular basis to avoid floor finish dents and scratches.

    Do Not: Use WET mops, DO NOT use ammonia, DO NOT use dust cleaners, DO NOT track dirt (clean immediately), DO NOT use other floor cleaning products such as Orange, murphys oils or mineral spirits as harsh chemicals will etch the UV cure finish.

    Do Not: Wax our bamboo floor finish- NEVER!