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  • What is Bamboo?

    Bamboo is a large, diverse, extremely fast-growing species of grass that has been used in building construction for many centuries. Over time, architects and builders have designed many innovative techniques that are now used in bamboo architecture. Today, it is valued as an ecologically viable alternative to standard timber construction and a viable replacement for wood in the future.

    Bamboo is an innovative environmental solution for home, office and commercial interiors because bamboo products are a naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to our dwindling global supply of hardwoods. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant species in the world, growing up to three feet a day and reaching a maximum height of 90 feet, grade-A bamboo material is ready for harvest in 5-7 years. In comparison, many hardwoods may require 50+ years to mature to harvestable age. Unlike tree forests, bamboo forests do not require replanting because mature bamboo has an extensive root system that continues to send up new shoots for decades. For this reason, harvesting bamboo does not harm the plant, kill forests or create soil erosion. Strong as well as environmentally friendly, bamboo products have a tensile strength superior to mild steel, standing up to 52,000 pounds of pressure PSI.

    We exclusively use bamboo of the Moso species to create our products. Our raw materials are grown only in the Southeast and Mountain regions of China and are harvested between the ages of 5 to 7 years old, when the plant reaches 90' in height and 6" to 8" in diameter. Because Moso bamboo is the hardest species of bamboo, we feel that it is the best material for our grade-A products.

    Does harvesting bamboo threaten Pandas?
    No. The bamboo used to produce our flooring is from the genus labelled Phyllostachys pubescens, which is not the bamboo species consumed by Pandas. Panda’s favorite food is a bamboo species from the genus of Fargesia.