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  • Bamboo Veneer Information

    The following information is for a simple understanding of bamboo veneer products should be stored, acclimated, cutting techniques. possible installation methods and finishing techniques which can be  accomplished for interior woodwork such as cabinetry, wainscotings, furniture construction and/or other uses where standard hardwoods veneers have been utilized in woodworking applications.

    Acclimation- Bamboo veneers also require the same acclimation as most woods, please do not cut, or handle for 48 hours after arrival to allow them to acclimate.

    Storage- Do not store bamboo veneers in damp locations or on concrete, ensure dry stable environment for best results. Do not freeze material

    Cutting- Bamboo veneers can be cut the same as many other hardwood veneers, ether a sharp razor knife or laser cutter

    Bamboo Veneers maybe hot/cold pressed or vacuum pressed, the sub material you are mounting the bamboo veneers to must be stable and dry. The sub material must also match the veneers moisture content prior to laminating to prevent roll out. Please follow standard press guidelines for veneers

    When working with bamboo products it is critical to achieve a balanced product in its lamination and this includes veneered products. If laminating on MDF, plywood or other cores we highly recommend that both sides of the core material be evenly laminated to eliminate pulling from the outside material to the core. This will result in warped or cupped material. Bamboo Veneer applied to concrete, drywall, cardboard etc. is not advised, only use veneer compatibility material such as MDF, plywood’s etc.

    Bamboo veneers are not recommended in high impact areas, such as countertops, stair systems etc. as it will not offer a long-term durability in these applications.

    The above guidelines should always be used as guidelines and do not make any guarantees- see panel product warranties, specifications and MSDS sheets  for further information and liability’s.

    Higuera Hardwoods LLC is not responsible for any additional costs for defective items other than material cost paid if the material is deemed defective.